The Vampire Diaries Season 8
(Credits : Youtube)

The latest news and reports are showing that we might see  in The Vampire Diaries’ the reunion of Ian Somerhalder with Nina Dobrev as the most famous season series might face cancellation as its net worth and fame can only save this season.

The news claimed that the Ian Somerhalder would finish his golden days of life at the end of Season 8 of ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ Nikki Reed’s fiancé claims that his finance will be zero if the season has an official end. As all of these problems with Ian Somerhalder, he might be seeking a reunion with Nina Dobrev. Most of the people know that all of this success was due to an ex-girlfriend of Tim Tebow.

As a matter of fact that the rating of the show kept of falling when Nina Dobrev left the most famous season “The Vampire Diaries’ The fans couldn’t believe that after such a big disaster, the new season 8 will be aired after Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley failed to keep the standard viewership of the season.

The rumors are also saying that Ian Somerhalder is trying to get back Nina Dobrev in the season in spite of the fact that his wife Nikki Reed doesn’t like the idea.

Unfortunately, none of them had said anything about this rumor in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 so far up till now. So, the fans are waiting desperately for this reunion and that they could enjoy their favorite season

However, some reports also show that the Nikki Reed might be the new replacement of Nina Dobrev in the Season 8.


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