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iPhone 7

has truly stolen the show with its new rumors and all is set for the release of iPhone 7 next year summer most expectedly. With expectations reaching to their extremes, Apple authorities are compelled to come up with something extraordinary when it comes to iPhone 7 release that would be the most advanced technological wonder.

Apple has already ordered its suppliers for iPhone parts and suppliers have geared up for producing the parts and components of iPhone. In addition, the component certification has already been done. As far as the hardware is concerned, it is believed that Apple has placed an order to the supplier TSMC that is working on A10 chip. This amazing chip would be part of iPhone 7 and will be based on 16-nanometer manufacturing technology.

On the contrary, there are also rumors that the new chip is expected to be a combined effort of the TSMC and Intel. If this rumor is true, iPhone 7 chip can be the best technology offering that would be amazing.

As far as the processor of iPhone 7 is concerned, the rumors are that it will have A9X processor that is truly a mind-blowing advancement as far as hardware is concerned.

iPhone 7 would truly be a mesmerizing offering as far as the advanced protection technology as there are special type of screen protectors that will be part of this mesmerizing technology.

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