(Credits : Atmel.com)

With the passage of every single day, we are being introduced with some of the most fascinating devices and thanks to iconic companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG and many more. The race regards to new technological offerings has reached to new extremes and all these top companies are striving their extreme best to steal the show.

The latest announcement of Star Trek Communicator from Google has truly made waves. According to reports, this device looks like a pin and operate like a smart watch.  From initial observations, it looks like Google had taken the Star Trek Communicator idea and completely renew it when it comes to designing a small pin that could fulfill functions. The Google’s Star Trek Communicator is wholly and solely a research project that will soon hit the market. 

Although, the device is not completely dedicated to voice assistance, still, with the embedding of a Bluetooth sensor and a microphone, the device can turn out to be the best demanding one on the cards. Moreover, with the attachment of a small touchpad and speaker, the device can be the best of technological wonders. The initial reveal of this device is rather an impressive one, let’s see how the detailed release turns out to be.


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