With the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus being the best devices in the business, the craze for iPhone 7 has reached new limits. We are experiencing the most fascinating variety of news and rumors about iPhone 7. The usage of the finest quality of hardware inside has truly made things amazing for the two handsets and the result is the increase in sales of the device. Moreover, with the Intel having an amazing offering of the finest chip, a need was felt on Apple behalf to lower its costs and increase the margins on its amazing handsets.

With issues between Apple and the producers of A9 chip suppliers, Apple has decided to find an alternative solution in order to remove the discrepancies that occur with the use of this chip.

The rumor in the middle is that Apple has decided to engineer its upcoming smartphone to work with two different suppliers of the same key component. The new technology would be an amazing one and it is believed that the substantial engineering cost that allow two different types of CPU chip in the device would spice the smartphone usage to amazing level. It is truly an amazing investment and if Apple is succeeded in bringing A9 chip and Intel chip in one device then it would be a new milestone achieved. Let’s see what the Apple is offering us in iPhone 7 when it comes to usage of the best chip.


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