(Credits : valuewalk.com)

With two flagship phones i.e., iPhone 6s and 6s Plus already stealing the show and making folks stunned with mesmerizing features, another announcement from Apple has spread waves. The latest buzz in the middle is that Apple is working on the iPhone 6C and it is believed that this comparatively cheaper version iPhone 6 would be available to users next year.

The announcement came after the release of iPhone 6 Plus and the main aim of launching this headset was that Apple trying to make their flagship phones to low-income class. This launch of iPhone 6C will make things amazing for the fans and will undoubtedly create even more fervor about the headset. For general information, iPhone 5C was the last affordable headset where there was no TouchID and also the design was not that impressive. Likewise, the same will be observed in the case of iPhone 6C nest year.

Although the exact date of the release of iPhone 6C is not known, however, the buzz is that the iPhone 6C release date in the U.S. may fall somewhere in April or May 2016. An insane rush will be observed upon its release as the aim of this phone is to reach all income range audience.


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