Poster of The Promise

Review of the movie The Promise.

The story of The Promise is based on the most terrible stories in the history. Turkey began to deliberately killing the Armenian by covering itself in the name of rehabilitation of people in World War 1.many Armenians were murdered but the turkey government never accepted the truth. The Movie is brought to the silver Screen by the right film productions. The focused cast of The Promise includes Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon and Christian Bale. It is written and directed by Terry George.

In the very first scene Mikael (Oscar Isaac), is an active and passionate individual of Armenia. He lives in a village in the hills of turkey. Mikael wants to learn medicine and he wants to bring the modern medical techniques to his fellows. But due to poverty he isn’t able to do so. He is then engaged to a girl to whom he is not attracted named Maral (Angela Sarafyan). Maral’s father will is going to give Michael 400 gold coins as engagement dowry. Through which Michael will move to Constantinople and take admission in the medical school. The film is based in era before World War 1.

Mikael has to return after completing her medicine studies and start family with Maral. In Constantinople he lives with his uncle, Mesrob (Igal Naor) and her daughter. He falls in love with his tutor Ana (Charlotte Le Bon) and starts a romantic relationship with her. Ana is also in relationship with Chris Myers (Christian Bale) An American journalist.

Soon his stay turned in harsh end. Mikael and Mesrob were trapped by the Turkish kingdom. They both are send to a camp were they are forced to build a railroad for the army otherwise they will be killed. After sequences of different events Mikael get away from the jail. And then he begins the journey to go home, fulfill his promises, and save his family and connect with Ana and Chris.

Chris has given one of his best performances out of the three as he has clear idea of writing and scenes that drag The Promise

Beside the romance between Ana and Michael the plot of the movie is not distracted and the important events are highlighted, it also captures the moments of, human attitudes and heroism. George goes graceful while filming the scenes of deaths and murders in The Promise. In The Promise the writer is bringing the love story of millions of Armenians by narrating the story of Ana and Michael who lost their lives in the Turkish created genocide.

The Promise’s, major hit scenes are in the interval of the movie. As it shows that Mikael going through his struggles of running away from  the internment camp, meeting, his friends and family. In his way he manages to save the Armenian prisoners from a speeding train. An Armenian family lends him a donkey. This is the kind of story which The Promise should have been emphasizing rather than a wartime love story which feels emotionless.

The Conclusion

Both the leading actors Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac have proved to be finest actor of their era once again. The element that,The Promise still achieves to success, instants of true theatrical weight throughout expressions to the tragedy of the solid plot and the capabilities of its leads.