(Credit: smartphone2016.com)

The iPhone 7 fever is on the highest degrees and that is why every buzz associated with the newly amazing offering turns out to be word on the street. The recents reports about iPhone 7 is making headlines and deals with Apple collaboration with the king of Hardware i.e. Intel. The rumor about this collaboration is that Intel has 1,000 engineers working on a chip for iPhone 7. Although, the deal is not final, yet, Intel is utilizing all the resources in order to get the final order from Apple and seal the contract.

The current supplier of iPhone is Qualcomm that with its with its 9X45 LTE chip is the best option for all the recent iPhones. Moreover, if Apple is instead opting for Intel, it doesn’t totally mean that there is something wrong with Qualcomm’s chips. The reason why Apple is opting for Intel chips is the demand issue and that is why it is also expected that Apple can sign the contract with both the manufacturers.

Moreover, it is also expected that the iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 will say adios to the CPU made by Intel and instead would opt for Intel LTE chip if Apple should consider moving its system-on-a-chip (SOC). Moreover, iPhone stepping into the water proof phenomenon is also making the headlines. Let’s wait and watch what iPhone is offering us.


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