PlayStation 4 Slim

In the gaming world, PlayStation has its own importance. Game lovers will always wait for new version to come out. This time, it is PlayStation 4.The two new versions are the PS4 Neo and the PS4 Slim. Though there was a considerable hype in regards to the PS4 Neo, it has now become evident that the PS4 Slim is here to stay. This is so as Laura Kate Dale has shared an unboxing video of this new version.

According to Laura Dale, the PS4 Slim does not boast of hardware capable of support 4K definition gaming environments as compared to the PS4 Neo, which has a new graphics processor capable of handling such games.

The PS4 Slim though it does not boast of any noteworthy change has a slightly improved gaming controller that seems to enliven the gaming experience. PS4 Slim as the name suggests is a slim and compact hardware piece as compared to the older model. If you compare the older PS4 and the Slim, you will see that the top half of the PS4 Slim is thinner as compared to its predecessor. Apart from that, touch screen buttons have given way to physical buttons, and the new PS4 gamepad now has a light that faintly shines in the foreground.

Just put the new PS4 Slim does not bring much to the table except a change in aesthetics, which for a gamer is not much of a game changer.


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