The Originals Season 4 Air Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The Originals Season 4 Air Date is indeed much awaited by the fans of The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off series. The Originals tell the story of the Mikaelson family that once graced the set of The Vampire Diaries as villains. The first of many rumors to reach fans regarding this series is that The Originals Season 4 Air Date is not only vague, but the season itself will have a dramatically reduced episode count compared to previous seasons.

It’s not all bad rumors flooding our on, according to Netflix Life, The Originals Season 4 Air Date is most likely to be in January or February 2017. Moreover, the series starring Joseph Morgan is said to be in included in the mid-season schedule of The CW. This brings a much-needed light of hope for the fans of The Originals.

The cast and crew of the said drama have shared a few of their insights regarding the show and its well-being. They believe that since the end of The Vampire Diaries is fast approaching, it may be affecting the storyline of its spinoff series. With that, perhaps a time jump can help set things in the right path for The Originals.

The reason that The Originals Season 4 Air Date is quite vague, may be related to the fact that ratings have indeed dropped for the show, and it is known that any show strongly depends on their ratings to stay in production. As per a recent publication, there was a 34.74% drop in viewership across 12-49 demographics in comparison to the ratings the series had last season. With this being said, fans of the hit series will need to come out and show support in order to know what’s up next for their favorite vampire family.



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