The recent emergence of Droid smartphones has made the ongoing war of smartphone war to new horizons and that is why an insane craze is witnessed from the users in this regard. The news that has made a widespread attention among the folks is that Motorola is introducing a whole new idea in the case of the Droid Turbo 2 and additional configurations for Droid Maxx 2.

All the above information came to our notice with the leaked content that was later on published on Twitter. The footage uploaded on Twitter reveals different backs and colors for the 2 smartphones. Moreover, the hot news in the middle is also that the unveiling of these two mesmerizing smartphones is expected to happen 27th of October. The related essential details about these two new smartphones would also be declared on that day.

The phenomena of shattered screen is also making buzz and it is still unknown as to whether if it will bear upon the drops on hard surfaces. Moreover, igniting the suspense, Verizon has also came up today with a short teaser that was revealed through its Twitter account. Moreover, they have also labeled the Droid Turbo 2 as one of the fascinating and perfect phone for users.

The availability of Turbo 2 in different palettes of colors is truly something to cheer about especially for the female fans. Moreover, the whopping 64 GB space is truly the most mind-blowing feature associated to this device.

In addition, the Maxx 2 smartphone also has mesmerizing features nice features to cherish the customers. The battery life being extended to 48 hours, and the inclusion of configuration of the Moto X Play, slightly reviewed are some of the features that would make fans attracted to this smartphone.


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