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The wait is finally over for gaming fanatics as the inspiring Overwatch Beta has been scheduled to be officially launched soon. The talk of the town is that this gaming phenomenon is scheduled to be released in America by October 27 and in Europe and Asia soon after that. Moreover, there were rumors about its release on 10th october which were turn down by the officials and announced it to be released on 27th in its initial phase. An insane amount of expectations are attached with this edition by the diehards prior to its release and that is why the gaming maestro I.e., Blizzard is burning midnight oil to make it the most classical edition in history.

The coolest thing about the gaming developers, Blizzard, is that they keep their eyes on the horizon when it comes to introducing a new game and in that capicity, they follow two main strategies. Foremostly, they receive feedback about the game-play, balance and above all the amount of fun that the gamers experience having while playing Overwatch. The second and important phase comprise handling and planning of the gaming infrastructure so that it can be tested on a wide range of systems. Moreover, Beta participants can be broadly categorised into two sub-divisons, i.e., the Closed Beta group and the Beta Test Weekend group. The point of difference between the two classifications is that the Closed Beta will be opened for a lesser number of players and then based on the feedback of these small number of players, every aspect of the game is improved and cleaned up with all the flaws mentioned in the feedback. When Beta testing begins, more details are added when the the beta testing begins.

The Beta Test would comprise of more information once it get released during the event. Blizzard has officialy announced that Overwatch beta would be for Windows only. So let the fun begins at October 27!


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