(Credits : roadtovr.com)

An Oculus Store concept is one of a kind and is truly an amazing platform where VR game developers can easily upload their Gear VR games. Through a mesmerizing and healthy competition, the audience is allowed to observe all these games by testing and then give feedback.

The coolest thing about this wonderful store is that here you can pay $100 and can easily get the new Gear VR from the Oculus store. Here, you will have access to mesmerizing new games and apps and thus easily get a chance to know everything about VR content. Moreover, it is also an amazing way even for casual users where there is huge inflow of funds from different sides.

The Oculus Concepts store is something exceptional and offer the best gaming experience with Gear VR, besides the phone and also VR headset at economical prices. Moreover, you can also get a Bluetooth controller or gamepad that would help you in adding a flavor of thrill to your store.

Every gaming diehard would love to be part of this mesmerizing gaming phenomenon and would love to be part of this feedback process. Moreover, developers can work in collaboration with gaming fanatics to give an exemplary effect to their gaming.  The concept store and gaming phenomena is so jaw-dropping and offer best platform to every gaming diehard.


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