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The name Motorola speaks for itself when it comes to offering the most fascinating varieties of gadgets. Moreover, the company has also won laurels as far as customer support and other customer-friendly products and services are concerned. The list of gadgets offered by Motorola is so vast that this article find itself to be short of words if it start listing the names of marvelous gadgets that Motorola has offered to the folks. From record-holders to chart toppers, the never-ending journey of the iconic Motorola is in the fast lane. Let’s have a look at the new Motorola Droid Turbo 2,

Officials at Motorola have confirmed the release of Droid 2 Turbo and in this regard, the company has officially sent out invitations to an event that is schedule on October 27. The word on street is that this event would unveil Motorola Droid 2 Turbo Moreover, it is also expected that the company would also unveil some other offerings alongside this mesmerizing gadget.

We have confirmed through our sources that the Invitations that has been sent out for this event contains any kind information. However, there are some rumors about an unannounced phone. The motto of the invitation also suggest that we will see a whole new system of society and much excitement has been witnessed across the fans. The new gadget is expected to be durable, high-performance, high battery life and a high-quality camera setting and with these features, the device is creating spree. Moreover, the leaked documentation and some of the leaked images indicate a high-end hardware configuration to be part of the phone. With days coming nearer and nearer, the fervour about this newbie is reaching its extreme. Let us see how this new tech-pack device inspire audience.


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