Walt Disney
(Image: lionking.wikia)

Walt Disney confirms The Lion King remake as a next project that they have started working on. The 1994 classic is going to be made into an action packed movie. Following its previous successes, the producers are expecting and hoping for the best. With a record of a classic hit in the box office making $965.8 million, the filmmakers are hoping that they won’t be disappointing the fans this time.

Like the other remakes such as Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book. Walt Disney has managed to bringing back James Earl Jones for reprising the role of Mufasa in The Lion King remake.

The movie has made a record of being performed on Broadway and had become one of the popular shows of that season. The songs have always been its highlights. The producers are putting every aspect of this movie on high stakes. In the animated version of the lion king the song ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ by Elton John had won the title of the Best Original Score and also won the other title of the Best Original Song the same night. The news of this project has increased the expectation and anxiety of the young fans. They are all eagerly waiting for the release of the remake version of The Lion King.


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