(Credit : Consequenceofsound.net)

The fact that Siri is the height of artificial intelligence cannot be cashed every time as there are some limitations associated with this application. In case, if you want Siri to guide you in every aspect, you need to do some homework as well.

Let’s apply the above scenario on Apple Music. In case if you want to ask Siri about the top songs on the charts then it is not possible that Siri would always guide you in this regard. In case, if you are not signed to Apple Music, Siri won’t be able to guide you. That is why, it is advised to sign up for Apple Music first and then ask your query about your favorite tracks and so on.

The best use of this application comes in the case of music charts and the app would easily help you in handling questions about the music charts. However, it has to be kept in mind that internet connection is a must for Siri to operate otherwise, you will have to face difficulty.


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