The Last of Us 2
(Credits: Gamespot)

Since the inception of The Last of Us 2, its fans have been kept in suspense for too long and their curiosity to know when they will know the launch of the last episode of the series is growing bigger with no assurance. Until now, these game lovers are still unsure when the last episode will be launched and if soon, how “soon” the promised soon will be.

The Last of Us 2 is definitely one of the favorite and most eagerly awaited game series in the gaming history.

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As it stands now, it is like the game is taking the same path other games have taken in the recent past where promises are made to tantalize fans when the game is not even ready for public consumption. So far Naughty Dog, the creator of the game, has does not send any reassuring signal to its fans that there is something cooking behind the scenes.

At the moment, Naughty Dog is channeling its energies and time to Nathan Drake and perhaps contemplating coming up with another series for the adventure of Ellie and Joel down the road to the doomsday and beyond.

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The only word fans have from Naughty Dog’s Creative Director, Mr. Neil Drunk Mann, is that they left everything pending as they arrived at Uncharted 4. He added that their current occupation with the Uncharted 4 series will have to keep fans waiting for another five years (from 2016) to see the eagerly awaited episode and if they need further explicit details, they need to wait for another two years (from 2016).


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