(Credits : knowyourmobile.com)

The iPhone 7 phenomenon is universal and with the passage of every single day, we are introduced with new updates associated with its features. These updates are giving an impression that iPhone 7will be a technology wonder and that is why an insane following is observed regards to this upcoming phone.

Through some concept videos and sketches, we have been made familiar to some of the wondrous features of iPhone 7. The absence of home button has already spread waves and now with some more news has amazed the fans. Another concept is the bezel-free scree like Apple watch that surely will make iPhone 7 an amazing and classical device.  The top to bottom home-screen was on the cards and fans will see it for the first time in iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 has also made huge buzz with its strongest battery timing as it will feature the most powerful battery and the best so far. The wireless charging would undoubtedly make iPhone the fascinating phone and would make things pretty amazing for the fans to use. Although wireless charging has already been used by most of the flagships but its inclusion in iPhone flagship would make things more amazing for the fans. Let us see how iPhone 7 stunned the audience.


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