(Credits : computerworld.com)

Since the smartphones expertise has been switched from Nokia to Microsoft, we are witnessing the coolest collection of smartphones. With so many astounding smartphones already circling the market, a new Microsoft Surface Phone is on the cards and that would be the official startup of the new Window 10 Flagship.

Although, the first predictions were that Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL would be the first smartphone to be released as the first smartphones of this flagship, yet, the final decision came out to be in the favor of Surface Pro. The elegant performance and global acclaim and appreciation of Windows 10 have made the anticipation even more overwhelming and that is why, we can see that Microsoft Surface Phone can be one of a kind.

The coolest thing about this phone is that it has been designed by the same team that worked out Surface Book and Pro 4. Due to this reason, we can say that the Surface Phone is going to be a special smartphone flavored with the marvelous features of Windows 10.  As far as the release is concerned, we are expecting the release of Microsoft Surface Phone in the second half of next year. As Microsoft has already won laurels for Lumia 950, so the wait of this Window 10 Flagship smartphone is like never before. Let’s see when Microsoft is going to spill the beans regards to this mesmerizing smartphone.


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