(Credits : lgg5me.com)

LG has been coming up with spell-binding handsets over the last few years or so and that is why, the fervor regards to its new offering is always on the cards. The new flagship phone LG G5 is going to make huge spree as it is reported that the gadget would be one of a kind when it comes to innovative features.

Unlike the predecessors, LG G5 is expected to feature an iris scanner for unlocking the handset and that is why all those users who love to secure their phones through best software have something to cheer about. This scanner would undoubtedly make your phone more secure and deny access by other intruders.

Apart from the Iris scanner, LG G5 would also feature a fingerprint scanner and thus add some more charm to this wonderful flagship device. This feature was expected to be part of LG G4, but was postponed at the eleventh hour. However, this innovative technology was featured in LG V10 that was released a few weeks ago.

Something that is really special about this gadget is the Snapdragon 820 CPU and Adreno 530 GPU and with upgradable option, this phone can be the best you want. As far as the display is concerned, the 5.6-inch 2K display would make things amazing as far as movie-watching experience is concerned. The wondrous 21MP camera is a treat for camera diehards and with 5MP front camera, things can be more amazing for selfie diehards. This phone would truly be the best one that everyone would love to have.



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