With iPhone 6s and 6s Plus released two months ago, the craze was on the highest peaks. The fervor is going wild as far as iPhone flagship is concerned and as far as iPhone 7 is concerned, we are receiving rumors day by day. He following by the fans regards to iPhone 7 is so wild and with concept videos, the phenomena are being like never before. In addition, the new concept of sketches regards to iPhone 7 revealing the absence of home button made us in awe.

Through the concept videos and concept sketches, we have come to know that iPhone 7 is somehow similar like iPhone 6, althopugh without a home screen that appears to be based on an Apple Watch. The rumor has received such a wide acclaim and  it is considered to be the best phablet having the best features.

The top to bottom home-screen and the longest battery timing is supposed to be the best features that are observed to be the best modifications regards to this new mesmerizing phone.

If in case, Apple might say adios to the new home button in case of iPhone 7, the smartphone industry would be taken by storm with fans opening their mouths in wonder.




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