The Last of Us 2
(Credits : Youtube)

After nearly three years since the release of the epic zombie apocalypse game, The Last of Us it seems that Naughty Dog will finally focus on the sequel to this beloved game. Now that the company has finished the sequel of Uncharted, then will be working on this fan favorite.

A similarly loved game Uncharted also had a sequel in the works and now that has been accomplished after a lot of hard work and dedication from the talented people from Naughty Dog. The company will now be working on The Last of Us 2 and that is great news for fans who have loved this zombie apocalypse game, and with a great cause! However, it seems that the much-awaited sequel won’t be out until 2021, to say the least, even though the team starts working on it at this very moment. As per the lead designer of Naughty Dog, this will be the case. All that will be acceptable as long as the sequel to The Last of Us will be worth the wait and hopefully better than the original.

The rumors about the sequel of The Last of Us being in the works started with one of the voice actors in The Last of Us, Nolan North according to a report last year by Game Rant, The Last of Us 2 is a confirmed game. This is quite a notable source since North will hear of that kind of information since he is inside the studio.

The The Last of Us 2 will be featuring an older Joel and Ellie and might just be made available for the new Nintendo Switch.


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