the last guardian
(Credits: Sony Entertainment)

According to a translated report from ‘Gematsu’, Sony had not included The Last Guardian in the list of games for the Tokyo Game Show. Fans have strong reasons to worry about the game not being included in the lists for the major events to be held before October, which may mean yet another delay in release.

Ueda explains the reasons:

Fumito Ueda, The Last Guardian director, has confirmed in an interview with ‘Kotaku UK,’ that as a whole the game is complete. Ueda has explained that they are just re-polishing the cut-scenes and other details.

Ueda has also mentioned that his previous two works (Ico and Shadow of the Colossus) had to similarly go thru long development periods. Both the games comprised of new systems which needed fine-polishing like the holding hands mechanic in Ico and the Shadow of the Colossus having the colossi climbing system.

Both the games had extended development periods which impacted Ueda’s focus on the game balance and the development of the game story. Ueda has admitted that he warned himself about the experience of the difficulties of executing certain ideas and the fact that it is not always easy to implement as originally intended.

October Release:

Technically speaking, it is possible for The Last Guardian, to make it with its completed gameplay, on the October list. However, the game may get delayed if the developers need more time to polish and fine-tune the game’s visuals, effects, and performance.

It is almost a decade now since The Last Guardian has been in the development phase. It was in 2007 that the development of the game was initiated, and the formal announcement was made at E3 2009 for the PS3.

Fans are keeping their fingers crossed. They are hoping that by October 25, they will get their hands on this legendary game. They will be disappointed if there is yet another delay.


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