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The availability of Siri to Apple users was something to cheer about for the fans. Sadly enough, the joy and expectations that were attached with Siri-Apple combo were thwarted to the ground all of a sudden when an unexpected announcement makes waves.

According to the latest updates, the availability of enjoying Siri facilities on Apple TV has been limited to just eight countries. This truly is a shocking news for millions of fans across the globe who were so jubilant about the Siri availability in Apple TV.

The reasons put forward by Apple authorities is that there might be some accent issues and the Apple team would take some time to work this out. There would be training of the virtual assistant followed by its wide release in most of the countries.

The problem of accents is obviously a genuine one and it will allow more customers to use it once figured out. In the first phase of its release, Siri would be available to Apple TV owners in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Japan. These customers can enjoy the Siri Remote in the first phase and will then be extended to other country users in the near future.


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