(Credits : engadget.com)

Cortana is undoubtedly the best and inspirational virtual assistant that has made certain tasks so much convenient for users. The latest buzz in the middle is that Microsoft is working really hard to include the virtual assistant into the Windows car. Cortana truly would make things amazing for drivers.

It is believed that Microsoft smart car will be an amazing phenomenon. With other giants such as Google and Apple stepping into the industry, a need was felt to have a Window enabled car for users. Moreover, the inclusion of Cortana would make transportation experience as an amazing one. The latest news that has stolen the show reveals that Microsoft is ex[ected to integrate Cortana and HoloLens into vehicles by 2017.

The inclusion of Cortana and HoloLens can make things so much convenient for the drivers especially in security and GPS tracking and other features. Cortana would undoubtedly work on the windshield and can be activated with engine either off or stalling at a stop light.  Moreover, Microsoft is also expected to make more announcements about this car in the following months.


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