(Credits : newstatesman.com)

The fans of Harry Potter series were always enchanted by the wondrous Invisibility Cloak that was a legacy from his father. However, it was just a fantasy movie and nothing of the sort did exist in this real world for the time being. The latest research from scientists has made all of us in awe as they are of the opinion that invisibility can now be a reality. Most of the scientists are of the opinion that they are getting closer and closer to invisibility that is actually the phenomenon of tricking the human eye.

The teams of researchers and scientists have come up with a logical and ingenious solution in this regard. According to them as light waves bounce back from objects that we see are distorted and we only capture the visible portion of the light. Furthermore, the portion of light that we capture should be under specific electromagnetic spectrum range i.e. in between 400 and 700 nanometers of wavelength.

Scientists are of the opinion that they can design an invisibility cloak that will have electromagnetic spectrum either above these levels and thus they can easily work things out. This ingenious invisibility cloak has been made by a team of scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and has been tried successfully on tiny objects for the time being. Further details about this Invisibility Cloak would soon be unearthed in the following few months. Let’s see how this idea makes waves in the near future.


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