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Sources at Nintendo have officially declared that the game that the ever-inspirational game known as Mario & Luigi Paper Jam will be released in Europe on December 4th. The story doesn’t halt here as euro release is followed by an immediate Australian release only a few days later, on December 10th. The coolest thing about this game is that the fans would most likely be able to play the game in English this year which is undoubtedly a healthy sign. Fans in North America are also eagerly waiting for its release, however, no latest news have officially been confirmed in this regard.

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is truly a mind-blowing game that has been artistically developed by AlphaDream. The name AlphaDream needs no introduction as far as developing mind-blowing games is concerned and has been a proud developing team of Mario & Luigi series. The new game would combine the elements and characters from the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario series and in a way able to invent an exceptional mix that fans of both series would obviously enjoy.

An important point to ponder over is that the game’s mechanics won’t be that different from previous Mario & Luigi games, and the players would be sucessfully be able to control Mario and Luigi with the A and B buttons. In order to add more fun to this game, Paper Mario has been added and through his paper body, would perform some unique actions and adding thrill to the game.

As far as the asiatic release is concerned, the buzz is that Mario & Luigi Paper Jam is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 4th. Moreover, the North American release is also on the cards. Let’s say welcome to a fascinating edition in the gaming world!


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