'The Great Wall' ('Chang Cheng') Movie Review: Matt Damon
'The Great Wall' ('Chang Cheng') Movie Review: Matt Damon

A secret focuses on the construction of the Great Wall of China.

'The Great Wall' ('Chang Cheng') Movie Review: Matt Damon

The Great Wall was seen as a milestone: it was the first incidence of Matt Damon in China, the first production in English language Zhang Yimou and the first from the strategy of Legendary Pictures threshold film. The result, however, was much less exciting than the hype suggests.

In addition, casting and relentless attack of various special effects, Zhang and Hollywood authors have delivered nothing more than a movie formally monster – but adapted to a historically undefined China, where generals dressed as terracotta warriors and dominated anesthetics and US air traffic -accented English .

Send the fantastic story of the massive fight to prevent paranormal creatures from conquering China, the Great Wall is perhaps the least interesting and the blockbuster career of the director and his star. However, Damon has certainly paid the entire company a family tree, and his presence (with Willem Dafoe and Chinese A-lister Andy Lau and Zhang Hanyu) should drive the film in the blockbuster in China. For the international market, however, the film would be better than novelty for monster flick fanboys or people with interest in the brand Zhang Yimou culture exoticism.

With the help of computer images of the Great Wall, the movie begins with a short text on the screen explaining that when the wall is created its third millennium, there are two facts and legends. “It is one of the legends,” says the text, which provides a warning to give critics to follow the extraordinary premise in question.

The protagonist is here a Guillaume Garin (Damon) who fled the “mountain peoples” in the north of China, himself and his colleagues mercenaries Tovar (Pedro Pascal Game of Thrones) captured by a military occupation in one of the most important outposts along the Great Wall . With his claim that only traders are easily demystified, the couple ‘s life is safe when she speaks William a huge paw of an animal cut in the steppes attacked and Tovar.

The monster then be said a Taotie is a fatal paranormal similar to a lizard species that has tried to penetrate long China. These monsters, in fact, revealed why the Great Wall was built – and William Tovar and are soon giving an idea of why in a battle sequence High Octane has made a real show of Industrial Light and Magic explaining the art of digital pyrotechnics.

A soldier in the battle and presented his skills to save archery, William is welcome in the life of the occupation. First favorite to get what you want, instead – a powder mysterious weapon that you earn a fortune at home – your conscience wakes up soon (is Matt Damon, after all), and turned the head of Lin (Tian Jing, special marking ) The only woman, and the commander of the English language to the job.

This is not a surprise that William also decided to stay after Tovar – pushed by Ballard (Dafoe), who was imprisoned in camp for 25 years, taught English to Lin, and Wang Stratege (Andy Lau) in the process plots for steal the treasure and leaving. And while “Western” are regularly represented physically powerful and always top Chinese warriors, it is no surprise to the day for China savers and all mankind.

There is also a message, Lin explained that when talking about Wilhelm of the importance of trust. The banality of the legal representative of the weightlessness of almost every aspect of the film: the character digits, the story is boring and also sights and sounds bombastic will be stunning after a while. Even Damon seems to struggle with his dialogue, which is anachronistic in a modern vocabulary (a character says further, “bitch”), humor (a handful “I’ve heard it!”) Jokes and jokes between William and bromanctic Tovar.

And that does not mean lack of logic of the film: Why people do not attack Taoties every 60 years? Why the army, which includes a crane “body” houses, the soldiers bungee jumping in the wall, the animals start when there are guns and other artillery? And what everyone leaves him his r when they talk?

Zhang would have delivered exactly what was required – a visual spectacle that innumerable strokes of nothing in its representation of an ancient and mysterious culture. Or perhaps the Great Wall is just a first safety drill for Zhang, Damon and financial consolidation in their first movements outside their usual field; It can be a reference film industry for the Chinese and American cinemas, but no major creative breakthrough for all stakeholders.

‘The Great Wall‘ (‘Chang Cheng’) Movie Universal Pictures Description :

Directed : Zhang Yimou
Produced : Thomas Tull, Charles Roven, Jon Jashni, Peter Loehr
Screenplay : Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro, Tony Gilroy
Story : Max Brooks, Edward Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz
Cast : Matt Damon, Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Andy Lau
Music : Ramin Djawadi
Cinematography : Stuart Dryburgh
Edited : Craig Wood
Production company : Legendary East, Le Vision Pictures, Atlas Entertainmen, China Film Group
Distributed : Universal Pictures, Le Vision Pictures, China Film Group Corporation