(Credits : Mashable.com)

The artificial intelligence has been to its peaks as far as Siri is concerned and users are enticed by its amazing features in iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. The latest advancement about Siri is that the talented team of experts is burning the midnight oil in order to enhance its voice activation technology. The new technology is expected to switch user profiles on the basis of sound. Moreover, Siri would also offer customized options based on users past preferences.

According to sources Apple has bought “User profiling for voice input processing,” patent that would allow Apple to make better use of Siri and also bring voice activation to a more diverse level including home automation and vehicles. According to this patent, an input to identify a corresponding instruction based on the user’s identity would make the device even more secure and the device would only be functional if used by the original user.

Moreover, as Apple is facing a tough competition from Google Now, hence it has also enabled different accents from users and switches accents accordingly. As far as Siri and Apple TV collaboration is concerned, the combo would be made available in limited countries for the time being followed by its release across the globe.

What Apple is offering us in the shape of Siri, we have to wait for the roll-out of future devices.


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