The Firewatch Audio Tour
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I think that the pre-twist hype was silly, but the game gives you a chance to run away from the reality, think about ridiculous ideas, when you’re alone or isolated. I can assure you that I could bring it in real life with as much pleasure as I did in the game. Maybe you would think I am very trustful, but the forest plays tricks.

On the 21st September Firewatch is getting a new update. The most interesting news is that it will include a new, behind-the-scenes Firewatch Audio Tour mode.

Campo Santo wrote on Steam:

”A few months ago we sat down and thought it’d be great to ship a commentary mode with Firewatch, so, we did the next logical thing and started making one. And then we made some more. And then we thought it’d be neat to build some exhibits out in the forest that would show you how we made certain things in the game. Then we added a scavenger hunt. Then, after a time, we realized we didn’t have a commentary mode on our hands, we had a full-on audio tour and tomorrow you’ll get to play it!”

As we know the audio tour will have a lot of commentaries from the developers and voice actors, also almost 100 collectible audio tapes, displays of concept art, lighting demos, animation how-to  and more updates. The only negative thing is that it won’t have a full-on free-roaming mode.

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