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Exercise can be a difficult task to accomplish for many lethargic and that is why some Android developers have come up with an ingenious solution. The new app BitWalking is one of a kind and will help you in figuring out exercise problem as the motivation behind it is exemplary. The inclusion of digital currency has been a matter of great pleasure for fans and that is why we are witnessing the increased admiration in the download of this application.

Moreover, the health and fitness apps have never been that appealing and that is why the motivation factor has made it a heart-throb phenomena. Now the question is that what we get in return, the answer would be that the app would pay you 1 Bitwalking Dollar(BW) for every 10.000 steps that you take. Bitwalking Dollar(BW) is basically a digital currency that you can earn with each step and thus easily accumulate.

The coolest thing about this app is that the digital currency that you accumulate over a period of time would then be easily converted into an actual real account in case if you choose it to spend it online. Although the ingenious app was created in order to motivate people for exercising and also to make the environment clean and pollution free. Let’s see how this app makes buzz in the near future.


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