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The astounding pace at which the research in the artificial intelligence is going on has darker aspects too. With the artificial intelligence reaching new horizons, we are expecting that a stage will come when artificial intelligence will excel our daily lives. The advancement in artificial intelligence is making an impression that sooner or later, this technology will be sharper than us.

The future of artificial intelligence is in our hands and if we are not being able to halt the disastrous consequences, things may get even more horrible. Some of the prominent names such as Bill Gates have issues with this unexpected advance research carried out in this field. However, there are also some who are looking at this advancement in an opposite sense.

The co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak is really concerned about the advancement of AI and warned users about the enhanced research in this regard. However, the genius man is hopeful that artificially intelligent robots will not be able to take us that soon. He further added that intelligent robots will take care of us the way we do take care of our pets. Some of the expert scientists are of the view that the developed true consciousness and emotions that artificial intelligence is going to develop in future will help them to know that the path that they are to follow should be a right one and not a wrong. In other words, the intelligent robots will be “beauty with brains.”


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