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Samsung has won laurels with Galaxy flagship and some of the wondrous offerings from over the last few years speak for its diversity that the company is gifting fans over the last few years or so. As far its upcoming sweetheart, Samsung Galaxy S7 is concerned, the latest buzz is that the South Korean company is rescheduling its upcoming releases.

As it was announced earlier that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will get released in January at 2016 while Galaxy S7 Plus and Galaxy Note 6 will get released later in the year. However, Samsung has now decided to switch the schedule and in order to make things more profitable for the company; the company is scheduling to release two smartphones in the Galaxy S7 family.

According to the news, the first model Galaxy S7 being the base model would be based on region and also processor. On the contrary, another model Galaxy S7 Plus, would come up with a larger screen and also the S Pen that is specialty of Note line-up. In addition, Galaxy S7 Plus would also be featuring a sloping edge display that is the specialty of Edge line-up of devices.

The experts are of the opinion that Samsung’s policy is to be careful regards to expensive flagship models and is focusing on creating productivity devices in the Note line-up and also the S line-up. Let’s see what Samsung is offering fans next year as the last year was an overwhelming for the fans.



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