The Escapists 2

Mouldy Studios and Team 17 will be releasing The Escapists 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by 2017. The upcoming game will sport a similar art style as compared to the original game, but there will be more complexities and new features, including complex characters and situations plus an all-new multiplayer mode.

Moreover, there has also been a new official teaser for The Escapists 2 that was released and it showed fans that the new multiplayer mode will drop in and out the play while using a split screen and online play. As per Reports, there will be new crafty ways to make your escape in The Escapists 2, like creating a long rope out of tied sheets to climb down from high places, especially the prison area in the all-new multi-level prisons. There is also a new feature where plays can craft items for their utility, for instance, a Taser that can be made out from scratch and used as a weapon to zap those guards to sleep.

There will also be a newly overhauled combat system in The Escapists 2, with a new lock-on target and locking systems plus light and heavy attack modes. The new game will have a new look in terms of graphics and quality but will still have a familiar art style. There will also be an option for players to edit their avatars and change the gender according to preference.

The multiplayer mode for The Escapists 2 is said to be able to cater up to four players at a time The CEO if Team 17 Debbie Bestwick MBE informed fans that local ad online players will get to play in the all-new multiplayer mode, either in co-op or versus modes.


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