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We are indeed indebted to the innumerable technology offerings that artificial intelligence has gifted us and same goes for the upcoming expected technological wonders that AI is offering us in the near future. The various programs of AI are doing wonders and are making our daily life operations so convenient to perform.

However, the beneficial aspects of a technology also bring with itself some negative aspects and the same is observed in the case of Artificial Intelligence. It seems like the controversy surrounding artificial intelligence is slowly and gradually making waves and which announce the horrible consequences associated with the use of AI. A recent open letter issued by the Future of Life Institute (FLI), is something that issues warning against the autonomous usage of massive artillery in warfare. This letter which warned against the future foreseeable happenings was written by world’s top AI researchers. This letter clearly reveals that the usage of advanced artificial intelligence in battlefield can lead to horrible consequences.

If artificial intelligence research goes in this way, we can witness an unlikely arm race between superpowers and arch rivals that can lead us massive scale destruction worldwide. Humanity can face severe and massive destruction due to the enormous usage of artificial intelligence is weaponry. This technology is cheaper than nukes and is far more effective. The letter also warned against the possible coming into effect of black market that might eventually end up AI going in the hand of terrorists.



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