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Almost two years ago, the magical duo of Steve Martin and Edie Brickell came up with the fascinating tracks and lyrics in the shape of “Love Has Come For You”. The highest acclaim and critical appraise of their first album compelled the duo to come up with an even more fabulous piece of music and the result is their second album “So Familiar” which is in front of you. Being released on 2nd November, the album is expected to create a huge spree and has received positive reviews so far.  In my opinion, the album is a worth-listening  to consider for the Grammy Jury. The band already has a best roots song Grammy in 2014 for the first album under their belt.

The best track of the album is “Won’t Go Back” that takes us back in the history to the Eighties college-hippie pop Brickell. Moreover, with the amazing piano ballads “I’m By Your Side” and “Way Back In the Day”, the band has been truly impressive by blending together jazz and country.

With another mesmerizing track “Heartbreaker,” they keep the listeners in a captivating charm as the lyrics-music combo is truly superb. The track has been praised for its unique concept and is considered to be a fresh glimmer of astounding music.

Overall, the excellent piece of songwriting and music combo is expected to create huge spree for the album like its predecessor.

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