(Credits : singersroom.com)

It seems like the controversial rapper is working seriously on his good boy image. The upcoming album Royalty is undoubtedly one of the anticipated albums of the year and the title has already made spree ever since its announcement. With the album cover being released officially, Chris Brown love with his daughter has been word on the street. The adorable picture revealing a jaw-dropping father-daughter love is exemplary and Chris Brown has already mentioned that the image and title is dedicated to his daughter.

Brown’s secret child is already a piece of news that jolted the media and with this album cover; the buzz has taken new extremes. Moreover, with Instagram pictures and videos of his daughter dancing and playing around reveals that Chris Brown is so serious about his duties as a father. Royalty is the leading queen of his upcoming venture and so many expectations are attached with it.

The released tracks of this exceptional album are “Liquor” and “Zero” and which have truly impressed the fans. A lot is expected from other tracks. Let’s see how this album turns out to be.   


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