With the Elders Scrolls Online Gold Edition Pc, Ps4 and Xbox one, each player will be in a position to timely access the story line, the main DLC game packs and any online appraise for the RPG multiplayer.


The Gold edition features the necessary content of the game, alongside the Imperial City, Orsinium, Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. They are all built in a special way to incorporate new abilities, locations, and tasks. The game will also support Palomino horse mount.

The Elders Scrolls Online Gold Edition Available in Consoles & PCs

The main content update for this version is the Shadows of Hist. In it, it features a styling studio, Argonian dungeons alongside other amazing features. The Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun are the new player dungeons. All the four cells will be provided free of cost to any person with an ESO Plus membership. Alternatively, you can also make a direct purchase. This will cost 1500 crowns and will be done via the DLC dungeon pack.


The style parlous adds a new micro-transaction enabling the players to either change their appearance or their race. The game is developed in a manner that allows each player to select to define their appearance, voice, and body markings voice and hairstyle. In all these items, the price has not been announced yet.

According to the plan, the update will be rolled out to Mac and PC on August 1; it will then go to Xbox one and PlayStation 4 on mid-August. The official release of the Elders Scrolls Online Gold Edition  will coincide with the player’s game patch and will include all the listed changes.



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