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With Nexus 7 from 2012 being out of the list of devices that are to receive the Marshmallow update, a need was felt from users’ behalf to have an amazing update facility from third parties. To be very honest, Android Marshmallow is the most amazing OS so far.

With diehards in distress, an ingenious solution was given by the exemplary XDA Forums developer dmitrygr and that took everything by storm all of a sudden. This solution from the talented team has come to the last resort for users and they would be able to enjoy the newly mesmerizing update for their Nexus 7 (2012). However, it should be noted that Wi-Fi is most of this update to get functional.  

As the update is not an official one offered by the company that is why,  installing the update would need some technicalities to understand. It is advised to study in full detail the full procedure and then go for the update. The coolest thing about this custom ROM Marshmallow update is that it is available for download and installing a custom ROM on the Nexus 7 through stepwise guidelines.

The talented team of developers has received huge acclaim for this amazing work and they have announced that there are still more to come from the team in the near future. The updates will be available for other phones soon.

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