'The C Word' Movie Review
'The C Word' Movie Review

A woman writes a blog about his experiences with end-stage cancer.

'The C Word' Movie Review

“It’s time to stop being afraid of cancer – it’s time that cancer is afraid of us” Slow warm feeling of authority from the gentle tones of Morgan Freeman, this aphorism encapsulates the prelude tone and constructive documentary Meghan O’Hara LaFrance “the word C”, a passionate promise of cancer prevention methods, the bravemently large pharmaceutical company contradicts. The film is based on the personal struggle against the disease O’Hara, although this is another cancer warrior emerges as the protagonist is: the French doctor David Servan-Schreiber, whose voice the campaign for a comprehensive oncology shared to the medical community and, As a filmmaker, he gave him a new life. With a narrative by Freeman provide special beeping in the procedure – If “The Word C” finally played as a widespread PSA for theories of Servan clerk it is still a concern that the audience should find the largest and most dedicated of VOD- Channels.

A few months before the diagnosis of breast cancer in stage 3 in 2008, O’Hara was nominated for an Oscar as producer of Michael Moore’s “Sicko,” a brasher, more aggressive in the health care system of the United States Jab. With his warm spirit: “The word C” (the first embodiment of O’Hara) could not be more different than Moore’s film, but is also skeptical about the national institutions and existing accepted wisdom that “promotes Spectators more than other questions can be expressed by burning the film on the discoveries and teachings of Servan clerk, O’Hara describes as a “scientific, patient and doctor all a person.”

Servan clerk has survived twenty years after the discovery of a malignant brain tumor 30 years, but after the tumor relapse, began to develop his controversial “cancer” method. Focus less on the fight against cancer cells, which strengthen the body’s resistance to them “cancer” is based on four very simple principles: diet, exercise, stress management and the prevention of toxins. (Although this philosophy suits perfectly in talking on fashion, sometimes valuable about the “charity” Servan writer in his articulation is refreshing.)

Its principles are not surprising in themselves: It goes without saying that healthy eating and physical activity are important parameters for anyone with or without cancer. But the perseverance, with the support of the French in them as a universal defense against the disease as “kind” ridiculed by some medical experts. Whatever side of the debate falls on, the film invites O’Hara to sympathy as he adopts health care institutions to task for not even such standards in a healthy life in a fun, but on the one hand, a young cancer patient confusion Voiced, joe uncomfortable immediately to the hospital after surgery.

The C word” gains conviction that he will take his argument on the field of medicine expanding large business units to poison bad health of American life with unregulated chemicals and food fourmillée addictive sugars and additives. The reaction of the public to the suggestion of the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, restrictions on parts of soda is introduced, is sad: “for the correct stand up to hurt,” as O’Hara says, American freedom is under questionable. However, the film suggests that changes are ongoing. Don Barrett, a lawyer from Mississippi who attached the famous Big Tobacco of the state on behalf of the 1990s, which covered rights to the nearest food industry.

The content takes precedence over the form of O’Hara’s stylistic film, but it moves on a nice clip thanks to a dynamic mesh editor trio of new interviews, archive material and less stylized animation sequences. (Sizes oriented pop sporadically, if Jim Gaffigan standup or fragments decontextualized sitcom riffs, add Smarty notes that the movie is not necessarily). The musical selection is sharp everywhere, their faces hit 1973 “Ooh La die” – with his famous “I want to know what I know now when I was younger chorus” – and the film reflects the spirit of hope mixing and the trailer to weigh.