The new Xbox One update is truly a big news to cheer for fans and will be available on November 12. The users of this console would have mesmerizingly wondrous features that can make things pretty cool for them. With the new update, most of the features would be unlocked and would have a faster overall experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the main features of this update, In case if you update the new Xbox one feature, you would have a completely new update and your home screen will reveal a list of the games that you’re playing. Moreover, if you are playing the game, you can also have links to share clips and the like with your friends.

With Windows 10, you would have an amazing choice when it comes to operating system and you will enjoy a whole new lot of features and designs that the predecessor lacks. Thus this update brings the Xbox One into the new list of devices that has window 10 as an operating system.

The fans should know that Microsoft will just have over 100 Xbox 360 games available with the availability of this update and when the update launches in November, the company is more expected to bring some more games in nest coming months.

Cheer up and enjoy marvelous features of this mesmerizing update that was on the cards and in demand.


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