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The phenomenon of artificial intelligence is truly breath-taking and has created huge spree with its various versions such as Siri, Cortana, Giraffe and many more. A need was always felt to find these excellent technological solutions in its robot version on users’ behalf. The joys of users know no bounds as Artificial Intelligence Robots get released in the market these days.

Although, there is intense wave of debate in the market regarding the release of Artificial Intelligence Robots as the most likely threat to humanity, still, the fervor is on the highest points. Most of the iconic personalities want to put a halt to further research and that is why, it is most likely that ongoing research would not proceed with the same pace.

Let’s put everything aside and focus on the artificial intelligence robotics for the time being. Thanks to the ingenious work of AKAStudy that have successfully launched the IndieGoGo campaign and thus creating an insane fervor regards to the release of a little robot of artificial intelligence. For the time being, the “Simple Brain” version that can easily be reserved for $100 is a decent option for normal users to go for and the other versions that are known as “Smart Brain” and “Genius Brain” although comparatively expensive with price of $300 and $600, respectively are the best choice for all those who love to enjoy the best perks of artificial intelligence.  Although, the basic design of all the three versions is the same, still, the detailed specs and features are the decisive factors.


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