A need was always felt on Microsoft behalf to have a brand new flagship retail store in New York by keeping in view the ongoing corporate environment. Keeping this in mind, the authorities at Microsoft confirmed last month that Microsoft would soon open its brand new flagship retail store in New York. Today is the historic day on which Microsoft flagship Store would start operation on Fifth Avenue.  

The coolest thing about this flagship store is that it is specifically designed in such a way as to showcase the exemplary Microsoft’s software services as the likes of Office, and also the phenomenal hardware such as Lumia phones, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, , Xbox One, and Microsoft Band devices. Grabbing this opportunity, Microsoft diehards won’t wait a second to explore the exemplary world of technology at Microsoft Flagship Store at Fifth Avenue.

The Microsoft flagship store would open at 12pm local time today and the customers would enjoy the uniqueness of the store from the very outset. The fans would also have unique facility of “Answer Desk” tha would offer support for PCs and phones. You do not need to worry about the device being bought at some other place as the team members at “Answer Desk” will guide you in every capacity.

P.S. Microsoft Corporation has achieved another milestone as the store is an inclusion in the impressive list of Microsoft’s 110+ outlets that are widely spread across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.


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