The Big Bang Theory Season 10
(Credits : Youtube)

A ride of rollercoasters is up for fans, with major swings in the storyline. Penny’s brother and mother are expected to appear in the show which shall make living tough for Leonard. But wait for good news for Amy, the much awaited yet another scene of coitus is expected to take place in the upcoming episodes of the season. The guys are further going to work together on a guidance system even after they had a major setback when the Air Force intervened.

The series will start from where it left off in the last season; let’s recall some of the major events that took place in the last episode. Leonard’s dad and Sheldon’s mom connected well with their collective dislike for Beverly seems to have a pending issue when their cell phones appeared to be turned off when Sheldon tried calling them, “are we brothers now,” yes that’s what Sheldon said and couldn’t sleep on it. Bernadette is carrying a child and is expected to deliver the baby while a wedding is about to take the place of Leonard and Penny.

Another good news for the fans is that Steve Morello is not approaching this season like the last one as he is reported to have said, “Even if it is the final season of this sitcom, it is still 24 episodes away”, so no, I’m not looking at it as the end. We’re still not certain about the possibility of another season, but this quote doesn’t seem like they are about to wave a goodbye to this amazing sitcom.


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