(Credits : theguardian.com)

The breathtaking artificial intelligence has already won laurels with its showing expertise in every field. The recent phenomenon of Artificial intelligence showing expertise in new fields has made huge spree. We are already receiving news about artificial intelligence being a pro in chess; however, the news of being a professional painting artist has made artificial intelligence even more glamorized.

It look so strange and weird that a computer program or a robot can paint like esteemed and professional artist but you would have to believe your eyes now as some extraordinary scientists from the University of Tubingen are making it possible for you for artificial intelligence program to paint like pro.

In this regard, hats off to researchers from German University as they have discovered this algorithm that would easily transform visual experiences into paintings. This algorithm would truly make the learning and using the painting styles of famous painters in a programmed algorithm. Moreover, the artificial neural network of computers would also learn as how it can paint along with apply these pro-expertise in creating a new classical painting. The coolest thing about this algorithm is that it would paint just like the styles of professional painters such as J.M.Turner, Vicent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso.

In addition, this algorithm is designed as artificial neural networks that are statistical learning computers and most importantly, are inspired from biological neural networks, work more accurately like human brain. Like the human neurons, this algorithm also works under a certain sensory input. The coolest technology is also expected to help in weather forecasts and also medical treatment, but paint like a pro is truly a wonderful thing about this technology.


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