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The name that pops up in mind with the mention of virtual assistant is Cortana. We should be indebted to Microsoft for introducing this mesmerizing virtual assistant into our life. The latest buzz is that Microsoft has updated Cortana with the launch of the new Windows 10 platform for new mobile devices. The coolest thing about Cortana is that the service would be available not only on all Windows devices but also iOS and Android soon enough. Moreover, the amazing thing is that Xbox One gaming console would also be getting Cortana and thus making it easy for users to enjoy.

The operating of Cortana on the Xbox One is comparatively easy and all you need is to go into the Settings menu and then tapping the A button a couple of times. However, it is advised to be able to test the assistant out before it gets finished. The users should also keep in mind that Cortana would not be having all the features.

It is also interesting to know that various Xbox One users have already tried out Cortana on the console. The reviews states that it does pick up voice commands amazingly but the information that it provides is limited.

With Cortana being available on this popular console, the users would now have an opportunity to get themselves aware of what is coming on their consoles. Moreover, the joy of the fans would be limitless once once Cortana is officially released for the console and the user would be able to get all the features that it offers.


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