(Credit: dieidee.eu)

The phenomenon of artificial intelligence has been taken to new horizons by Apple and that is why, we are in awe as the new editions of artificial intelligence are concerned.

As far as the latest buzz is concerned, you will be amazed to know that Apple has purchased Perceptio, that is a small startup being focused on artificial intelligence. The Perceptio was supposed to be a developing technology that allows smartphone companies to create advanced artificial intelligence systems.

With the new collaboration with Perceptio, the iPhone would be creating image-recognition systems in order using deep learning and so far no further update about this buzz is available.

Moreover, the Apple team of artificial intelligence is also figuring out how to run complex neural network algorithms on smartphones and if successful could lead to new steps being taken in this regard.

However, there are still some issues with Siri as the personal assistant has lagged behind if compared with other mesmerizers like Google Now and Microsoft Cortana and because of Apple’s strict privacy policies. Moreover, the unnecessary reluctance to collect and utilize user data has made it lag behind in this field.

Moreover, along side Perceptio, Apple has also recently purchased VocalIQ, a UK-based startup that has created a natural language API to allow computers and thus the Siri could have newer and newer features in the upcoming versions. Let’s wait and watch.


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