(Credits : Iphone7info.com)

If it is true that iPhone 7 Mini will be launched by next year, then it is truly a shocking news for fans as Apple has already announced so many offerings in the coming year. Most of the experts are of the opinion that iPhone 7 mini can be a failure when due to serious technicalities. The problem with small display iPhones is that the latest advance technology will be difficult to embed small handset.

Moreover, with iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 6CS already on the cards, the authorities would have to meet all the technological needs required for such a diverse level of phones. In addition, with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and also a pressure-sensitive Force Touch screen, we are expecting that the new generation of phones would be full of amazing set of technological wonders. 

Moreover, as far as the battery capacity and screen resolution is concerned, small display mobiles can turn out to be failures in this regard. Let’s see how Apple is able to overcome these issues and make things in its favor.


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