The journey of Apple TV is traced back to 9 years long and has ever since updated new versions with the passage of time. The fascinating thing about Apple TV is that it has served just to synchronize the stuff from iTunes on your PC to your TV. Moreover, the journey to 720p resolution was also not that easy and they have to burn to burn the midnight oil for it.

However, with this year edition, Apple has truly mesmerized millions while at the same time, announcing the new future of TV. It would not be an over-estimation to say that the future generation would be known as the era of Apple TV.

The new Apple TV that is fourth generation of this enchanting device is a setup box powered by the inspiring Siri remote. The coolest thing about this edition is that the Apple TV remote elements has a range for touch signals particularly the searching option for motion pictures and voice control with the help of virtual assistant Siri.

The coolest way in which Siri can be utilized is through adjusting volume options for motion pictures and also adjusting and notifying show time for various telecasts.

With virtual assistant Siri, things can turn out to be so easy and once you order to reveal various programs then it me family motion pictures of particular genre or of a particular actor, you would be depicted the required results in no time.  Moreover, it can also skip back 15 seconds with interim subtitles and Apple TV proprietors can ask Siri who is in a motion picture while that film is running. The same case applies for data games scores and climate forecasts.

Last but not the least, the new Apple TV will be available from October onward in two models i.e. 32GB and 64GB. Let’s grab this wonderful device and bring it home.

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