Thanksgiving day has become the main event of the week. While all Americans were celebrating the holiday sipping favorite drinks and enjoying home-cooked dishes, what did top bodybuilder do?

It’s always useful to watch what famous sportsmen do during their training and days of preparation for serious competitions. However, it’s also interesting to see what’s going on in the lives of the sports stars when they are not in the gym or on the stage but among their close friends and family members.

Not always we have an opportunity to see the personal life and routine activities of our favorite bodybuilders. Being real sports celebrities, that always attract a lot of attention. That’s why some of the sportsmen try to protect their personal life from fans and media. Others prefer showing an ‘ideal picture’ creating an image of super successful people, making real things never revealed.

However, Thanksgiving Day is that special family event that reveals a lot of interesting warm traditions and gives us a chance to see real faces of the sportsmen we admire.

We’ve checked Instagram profiles of the famous bodybuilders and decided to share the collection of those of their photos that are dedicated to the celebration of Thanksgiving day.

It’s very interesting to see how different people of the same profession and with similar life goals can appear when they are behind the professional stage.

Watch the photo-collection and enjoy the post-holiday spirit with the sports stars!




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