(Credits : time.com)

With the passage of time, Apple has been updating things up for users and thus offering users with finest solutions. The coolest thing about Apple TV is that this technology wonder has introduced users with so many technological offerings. For the first time in movie watching history, users have been introduced with 720p resolution through Apple TV and that is why, it has turned out to be the most adorable TV being used these days.

Recently, we are having the fourth generation of Apple TV and which truly has turning things in users favor. The jaw-dropping Siri remote is that it is truly a new inclusion in the TV industry. Moreover, with touch signals and also searching options through Siri has mesmerized users. Through Siri, we can now easily adjust volume options and also adjusting notifying show time for various telecasts.

Some of the awesome programs can be depicted in no time and the best part of this TV is that you can also skip back 15 seconds with interim subtitles and also Apple TV proprietors. Siri will also let you know about the cast of the movie that you are watching and can also help you in knowing about the data games scores and also climate forecasts. As the fourth generation of is now available in the market with 32GB and 64GB denominations so fans are rushing to stores to bring it home.



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